How it works

Getting the help you need

Sometimes you can be blind sided by an expense you didn’t know was coming, an event you couldn’t foresee, or life just gives you a rough time at the worst possible moment. That’s why Otumoetai Social Supermarket has partnered with a whole bunch of Community Agencies and Organizations who can refer you to our supermarket when you nee it.

These organizations can transfer some points to you, that you can then spend in our supermarket to get the things you need. They can also book you an appointment for you to come and do your shop. Just come and see us at the scheduled time and a friendly bunch of staff can help you find what you need within the budget you have been given.

If you want to see a list of organizations that can refer you to us, click the this link here: Referral Agents or the same link at the top of the page.

Below are some charts that explain how the points are spent.

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