Feast for a Cause

Become a host for a “Feast for a Cause” dinner party 14th October 2023 (Election night). OR an agreed alternate night.

Step 1: Register an interest in becoming a host by contacting Jackie below. She will call you to chat to answer any questions you may have.

Step 2: Register as a host. Receive your host information pack and get your dinner guests together. Once you have confirmed your guests and ability to meet the minimum donation we will release the detailed hosts package including your celebrity chef and menus to enable you to plan.

Step 3: Prepare for the big night. Chat with your OSS mentor and chefs to finalise menus and dinner preparation. Connect your guests to the great cause they will be supporting.

Step 4: Pull off a great evening together. Chat with your chef on the night. Complete the donation pledge form and send in to OSS.

The most important aspect of hosting a connected dinner party is to create a fun, enjoyable and meaningful experience for your guests while raising funds for a worthy cause.

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Contact Jackie about becoming a host

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