David Bowers and

Brooke Moore


David Bowers and Brooke Moore are a magnetic chef duo – partners in life, and in the kitchen. Drawn together through their shared love for food, they are delighted to work together on this exciting Kiwi-influenced menu.
David has been working as a chef for 18 years and his passion for food blossomed at a young age, with his mother’s encouragement to experiment in the kitchen. He completed his apprenticeship at Wairakei Resort and went on to work around New Zealand and Australia, in venues including Bistro Lago at The Hilton (Taupo), Bastille (Wellington), and Amuse(Perth). He worked under the likes of Shane Yardley and Hadleigh Troy, honing his skills and bettering his knowledge.
David was a finalist in the Hilton F&B Masters (2016), was in the Ora King Salmon Awards Top 8 (2017), and was in the Coastal Spring Lamb Challenge top four, competing against hatted chefs Josh Ross, Matt McLean, and Jiwon Do.
Now Head Chef at The Freeport & Cleaver Co, David describes his cooking style as ‘modern with a twist of nostalgia’.

Brooke, at just 20 years old, has been working in hospitality since the age of 14 and as a chef since 17. Her obsession with food and experimentation began with licking the bowl of cake mix at 3, and helping mum in the kitchen from then until the age of 8, where she was
allowed to experiment by herself. Brooke constantly tried to break down food barriers and achieve the unachievable, creating an edible/bioplastic material (Wrapt) at the age of 16, from which she achieved many awards, including the GirlBoss Innovation Award, the YES HSBC Sustainability Award, and the Global Kaitiakitanga Project Overall Winner.
More recently, Brooke smoked the competition as the Toastie Takeover 2023 Competition Winner (McClures Pickles, Cook & Nelson), with her creation ‘Surf, Turf & Smoke Monsieur’; Pickle-Brined Lamb Pastrami, Smoked Prawns, Smoked Cheddar Sauce, Mozzarella, McClures’ Pickles, sandwiched Miso Tahini Sourdough (BreadHead), and served with
Smoked Aioli and Pickle Juice Gel. Brooke continues to regard food as more than something to eat – it creates experiences, fun,
and memories.

David and Brooke’s menu is a fun take on nostalgic kiwi cooking, inviting the home cook to
expand their kitchen repertoire and impress their guests.

Cured Akaroa Salmon with Hector’s Little Akaloa Pink Blossom Gin, Juniper pickled Currants, Rose-scented Yoghurt Creme Fraiche, and Dukkah, served with Ras el Hanout Oil and Toasted Brioche

Macadamia-crusted Lamb Rack, Pickled Broad Bean, Pea & Mint Salsa, Roasted Onion Purée, Glazed Baby Carrots, and Goat’s Cheese, served with a Red Wine Jus

Jelly Tip Baked Custard
Creme de Cacao Custard, Raspberry Jelly and Dark Chocolate

Nanas Caffeinated Shortbread
Shortbread laced with Chocolate-Covered Coffee Beans

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